Thursday, July 25, 2019

What do lawyers really do? The Bar wants to know

Active attorneys: California Attorney Practice Analysis (CAPA) needs your input
Image result for california state bar sealThe State Bar is preparing to launch a groundbreaking survey of all active attorneys in California, the California Attorney Practice Analysis (CAPA). If you are an active attorney, you will receive an email invitation on August 1 with a unique link enabling you to participate. The CAPA survey will collect detailed data on what California attorneys know and do. Results will inform a reexamination of the California Bar Exam, to ensure that the test remains relevant to those joining the profession in the 21st Century.  Here's a fact sheet about the project. Participants who complete the survey are eligible for an hour of free MCLE credit—details about receiving the credit and other aspects of the survey can be found on this FAQ. You are also invited to view and share social media posts on this topic under the hashtag #LawPractice2020. Questions? E-mail: