Wednesday, January 16, 2019

New chambers = new job openings!

Satisfying law job now available

I need help deciding appeals and crafting appellate opinions. The goals are to achieve the ideal of equal justice under law and to inspire the public with the excellence of its state appellate justice system. The work is fulfilling, important, and fascinating: we encounter human conflicts from the mundane to the profound, in practically every legal setting. We will work together, directly, and with a small, supportive, friendly, and talented team in chambers.
There is one opening now, which I hope to fill straight away, and another in the fall of 2019. You must have excellent academic and professional credentials and must have passed the California bar exam. You have got to love writing and research and to enjoy puzzling through the law to figure it out. I am open to lawyers who would like to clerk for a set term as well as to those considering a judicial research attorney career. It is fine if you are entertaining both possibilities and have not decided. The more professional experience you have, the better.
The official application website is
Please search on “wiley” and please also send a duplicate cover letter, resume, references, and writing sample to
John Shepard Wiley Jr.
California Court of Appeal
Second District, Division Eight