Monday, June 25, 2018

DJ profiles CALG

This week's law firm profile in the DJ is Flexibility First: The California Appellate Law Group thrives on subverting the typical law firm model while providing seasoned expert attorneys to handle appeals and to serve as consultants in major appellate matters.

"Ben Feuer, the firm’s chairman, said after witnessing burnout and dissatisfaction among colleagues in the legal profession, he thought there must be a better way to practice law. The firm sought to eliminate restrictive pressure on lawyers by reimagining the firm model." Thus, the firm has meeting in San Francisco, but "attorneys predominantly work remotely," and the firm doesn't pay any salaries, which "allows the firm to really give the lawyer a lot of flexibility in terms of how much they want to work." "The firm pays lawyers a fixed percentage of however much they work based on their number of cases and hours worked."

Today's DJ also has 2nd District Court of Appeal Justice Sandy R. Kriegler to retire.