Monday, March 19, 2018

CLA Lit Section Litigation Update

The March 2018 Litigation Update from the Litigation Section of the California Lawyers Association is now available!

In other news, today the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has implemented NextGen CM/ECF.

And the Library of Congress has released a new, fully searchable collection of more than 225 years of Supreme Court decisions. 

Today's Moskvotiz on Appeals column is On Losing, noting that--in contrast to transactional lawyers  or trial court litigators (who typically settle their cases)--appellate lawyers either win or lose, without many compromises or settlements.

Just looking for good ol' appellate law cases to sink your teeth into? Then state folks should look here and federal fans should look here.

For a classic-Gilbert opening see here: "This appeal involves a trust. But trust among the parties is not present here."