Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Article catch up...

Yesterday's Recorder presents Justice Bedsworth's latest: Fight On -- Most of the time when a state Legislature hears a judge, it's because we've interpreted a statute in a way they don’t like or we’ve thrown it out entirely.

Bryan Garner's ABA column is Writing vs. Good Writing: Make the languorous doldrums of reading disappear.

The DJ's Appellate Zealots column is Pursuing frivolous anti-SLAPP appeals is a dangerous game and Moskovitz on Appeals has started a new series called Appellate Adventures, and in Chapter One: The Odds of Winning, our hero learns that the average reversal rate for an appeal is just under 20 percent.

The January 2018 Litigation Update is available.

Image result for open for businessThe Ninth Circuit made clear that the Court Will Remain Open During a Government Shutdown and see here and here.