Friday, December 15, 2017

TrueFiling Software Update Notification


This notification details a software update to the TrueFiling e-filing and e-service system for the California Courts of Appeal, for the 1st District, 2nd District, 3rd District, 4th District, 5th District, and 6th District and the Supreme Court of California (the "Courts").

New Process for Adding Entities to a Case Service List
In this update, new steps of verification have been added to change how a user can gain access to a case service list or be added onto a case service list in order to be served in a case. In the previous version of the TrueFiling system, TrueFiling users would be able to manually access a case service list and add themselves onto a list of potential case service recipients, after searching for and identifying the case through the TrueFiling case search query.
Under the new version, TrueFiling users may no longer access and manually add themselves onto a case service list simply by searching for the case and entering their name and contact information to become a case participant. Now, a TrueFiling user may access a case service list and be added as a potential recipient on a case service list only if the user has been verified by the court ("Verified User"). A Verified User is:
  1. An original case party or a case participant as reflected in the court’s records for the case;
  2. An entity that has submitted a filing in a case that has been accepted by the court; or
  3. A nonfiling entity that the court has verified is entitled to be added to a case service list (e.g., a government entity that is entitled to be noticed on a case).
  • Note: Item #3 will require the nonfiling entity to either contact the court or submit a request via TrueFiling in order to be verified by the court. A TrueFiling user meeting any of these criteria will be deemed a Verified User for the case, and will be added to the case’s service list.
Upon executing a case search query, TrueFiling users who are not verified will still be able to see the case details, but will not be able to view the case contacts list until they become verified.
Interested parties to a case who wish to be served case filings but do not qualify as Verified Users may still be served with a case filing by the serving party through the TrueFiling system. The serving case party member will be able to enter an interested party’s e-mail address as an additional entity to receive service for a specific filing. Interested parties may also be added as Verified Users by contacting the court to confirm their status as a valid case participant in the court's records.
Review and Confirm Your Case Service List
ImageSoft and the Courts recently discovered that a TrueFiling user accessed and added themselves onto a small number of court case service lists for unauthorized purposes. These events do not affect most court cases and TrueFiling users. We are issuing this update to add new authorization steps to better control how a user can gain access to a case service list, or be added onto a case service list in order to be served in a case.
For existing cases, please carefully review the TrueFiling service lists that you are a Verified User on: confirm whether the individuals listed are case parties or case participants who should be included as potential recipients for service. If you identify any individuals who you believe are not Verified Users on your existing cases, please reach out to the court to request removal of those individuals from your case's service list.
Where Can I Get More Information?
If you have further questions or concerns about these changes to the TrueFiling system, you may contact ImageSoft support at (855) 959-8868 or your court using the contact information below.
If you wish to remove a nonverified user from your case’s service list, you may request to do so at the following link:
If you wish to verify your status as an interested party to a case, you may contact the respective court where the case is being heard as follows:
Supreme Court

First DCA
Second DCA
Third DCA
Fourth DCA
Fifth DCA
Sixth DCA
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