Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Justice Trotter returns to 4th DCA--as Respondent

Justice Trotter, who served in 4/2 in 1982 and 4/3 from 1982-1987, returns to the 4th DCA (4/1) today as a successful defendant/respondent in an anti-SLAPP unpub'd decision here.

And see How 'Friends' of the Court Can Tip the Scales of Justice about amicus briefs (including some good links in a Reference Shelf section at the end).

Law360 offers Posner's Opinions Tell A Tale of Feline Love:

"Former Judge Richard Posner is not only a lion of American law. He is also the cat whisperer of the nation’s jurisprudence." The article provides ten examples of Posner cat-quips in his opinions.

Jazz program at downtown LA federal courthouse on Sept. 28! Details here.