Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Law360 report on the 9th Cir.

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Can the numbers
support any position?
Law360 presents Rogue Court Or Easy Target? A Deeper Look At The 9th Circ., a "data-driven look at how the circuit stacks up against some common criticisms."
Is the 9th Circuit the "most reversed"? The study finds that the "reversal rate does indeed stand as the highest by some measures. But not all of them." And reversal rates "just don't correlate with circuit size."
Too many judges? Too many opinions? En banc correction? Too slow? Check out the data and colorful charts.

And if you're really looking for a story about a court system in need of help, see today's Wall Street Journal in One Day in India's Overrun Courtrooms: Legal dysfunction hobbles India's emergence as a global economic power, in which one lawyer says the court system "has become totally and thoroughly unmanageable. It is a pathetic state of affairs."
A dairy farmer settled into his usual spot, hoping for a breakthrough in a 34-year-old property dispute filed before his birth by his father. In Courtroom 41, a murder appeal from 1983 topped the docket. The delay has kept the convicted men out of prison through the intervening decades. In bail court, Justice Vipin Sinha faced his usual, impossible caseload -- 380 cases in 300 minutes. What he can't finish will fall to another day.

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