Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Law360 Interviews Justice Stevens

Don't miss Law360's interview with Justice Stevens here.
John Paul Stevens, SCOTUS photo portrait.jpgSince stepping down from the court in 2010, Justice Stevens has written two books. The first, “Five Chiefs,” is a memoir about his interactions with every chief justice since Chief Justice Fred Vinson, whom Justice Stevens met while serving as a law clerk for Justice Wiley Rutledge during the 1947-48 term. 
The second, “Six Amendments,” proposes changes to the U.S. Constitution to account for what he describes in the book as the “profound and unfortunate impact” that various Supreme Court rulings over the last 40 years have had in the areas of partisan gerrymandering, gun control, campaign finance, the death penalty and more.
With the help of a law clerk, Stevens is knocking out a third book, a memoir about the personal experiences of his improbable life, including the Lindbergh meeting and Ruth’s called shot.
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