Monday, July 31, 2017

Kicking Footnotes

Image result for no feetThe NLJ reports about a motion being kicked for resubmission for having too many footnotes in Judge Busts Banking Agency for 'Excessive' Footnotes, Strikes Court Brief. Apparently the 52-page brief had 48 footnotes amounting to over 300 lines of text. Judge James ("Jeb") Boasberg (D.D.C.) struck it under a local rule prohibiting "excessive footnoting." The article notes a similar event in 2015 when Judge Beth Labson Freeman (N.D.Cal.) struck a 25-page brief that had 76 footnotes. (This story would be SCANworthy on the legal writing point alone, but there's an appellate angle--as always: Judge Boasberg clerked for 9th Cir. Judge Dorothy Nelson.)