Monday, July 3, 2017

July columns

In today's DJ, APJ Gilbert continues from his column last month in Facts are, Part II, picking up the thread about about the word "fact" can't be preceded by the adjectives "true" or "false"--which would be either redundant or contradictory. He proceeds to a discussion of a recent case (and some trombone jokes) in which appellant's lawyer "made an appalling misrepresentation to the court," that the L.A. Lawyer Philharmonic was a punk rock band. Oy!

The Moskovitz on Appeals column continues with Statement of Facts, Part VI, with advice including: Keep the facts concise and not cluttered with unnecessary facts; don't include specific dates that don't matter; divide the facts into sections; use actual names; and use visual aids if they will be helpful.

And don't miss Justice Beds' latest OC Lawyer column: Find a Rabbit and Apologize -- "you may not get away with murder, but who has time to prosecute the turkey thief?"