Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"How I spent my summer vacation" (SCOTUS edition)

What do SCOTUS justices do over the summer? See When it's Summertime, Justices Hit the Road and Speak Out, which reports:
  • Kennedy teaches at McGeorge's program in Salzburg, Austria
  • CJ Roberts will teach at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  • Alito just finished teaching in Rome for Loyola Chicago
  • RBG was in Malta for S. Texas College of Law
  • Kagan spoke at the Aspen Institute in Colorado
  • Etc., etc... (See also SCOTUS Map to stalk track the justices)
Also, FYI, actress Felicity Jones will portray RBG in the soon-to-be-a-major-motion-picture biopic On the Basis of Sex.