Thursday, July 27, 2017

DJ profiles 2/5's Justice Baker

Today's DJ presents Practical Implication: Appellate Justice Lamar Baker delves into all the potential consequences of arguments. Practitioners noted that he knows the hot-button issues in a case, asks challenging questions yet has a nice demeanor, goes deep and is extremely well prepared at oral argument. Justice Baker himself said, “I try to be prepared to have an intelligent conversation with the people who are more familiar with that case than anybody else,” Baker said. “I try to be ready to take advantage of that time and hopefully the attorneys who appear in court think about that time in the same way.” 

“I think somebody who wants to be a judge on an appellate court that makes decisions as a group has to respect the views and opinions of the people they’re working with while still being true to their own beliefs and convictions,” Baker said. Baker, who was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2015, is cautious about what he reveals of his own beliefs and convictions — even his hobbies. (He likes to read mysteries and he runs for exercise.)