Wednesday, June 21, 2017

DJ profiles Judge Milan Smith

MDS official photo.jpg
"I'm a judge's judge.
I have no political agenda whatsoever."
Today's DJ profiles 9th Circuit Judge Milan Smith in 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Milan Smith known for adhering to law over ideology. The article begins by noting that liberals feared that his ties to Mormonism and a politically conservative family would influence his rulings. But these "concerns proved unfounded." The article characterizes him as "a common-sense pragmatist who is open to changes that will improve court efficiency." Judge Tallman says that Judge Smith "brings to the role of judging the practical wisdom and experience of a practicing attorney [for nearly 40 years]." Judge Nelson says that "He engages in ... the independent search for truth."

Monday's DJ had Moskovitz on Appeals column, Statement of Facts: Part V, which emphasizes the need for a good story: "People love to hear stories--if they are well told." So present the facts in as interesting and readable a way as possible. "People like to read about a fight," and litigation is always a fight of some sort. Tell the story chronologically, and tell it "your way" from your client's perspective.