Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Beds on The Almighty Comma

Justice Beds' current Recorder column is out: The Almighty Comma.

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Commas enforce a civilized pace. Commas slow the reader down long enough for him or her to see more clearly where we're going. They not only illuminate the content, they keep us from reading so fast we fail to comprehend it. In so doing, they contribute to understanding.

In the "appellate trainwreck" category today, we have this case here, where the 3d DCA concludes: "In light of counsel’s egregious violations of basic appellate norms, we affirm the judgment without discussing the merits." [Update: This case has now bee published!]

Also of note, see in the MetNews C.A. Panel Withdraws Threat to Appellants' CounselDiv. Six of This District Removes Warning From an Opinion That Lawyers Who Challenge Sentences Within Judges’ Discretion Face Sanctions