Thursday, May 4, 2017

Justice Sonenshine Takes the Stand

The Recorder presents JAMS Executives Blunt Fraud Claims as Justice Takes Stand, about the case in which the plaintiff alleges that "JAMS executives padded retired appellate Justice Sheila Sonenshine's business credentials" and JAMS says plaintiff is a "disgruntled litigant upset at being ordered to pay more spousal support."
The DJ's report is CEO: JAMS doesn't track complaints or compliments for its neutrals.

Vess called Sonenshine to the witness stand at 4 p.m. “Thank you for coming,” he began.
“Well, I got an invitation I couldn't refuse,” Sonenshine quipped.

[5/4 Update: See JAMS Neutral Defends Biography, Admits Fund Made No Money, which begins:
"Sheela Sonenshine was one of California’s first certified family law specialists, a pioneering trial judge and a founding justice of the California Court of Appeal’s Orange County division.
On Thursday she had the less appetizing role of witness in a San Diego fraud trial brought against her and JAMS Inc. over her online biography." And see, in the 5/5 DJ, Former Justice Quizzed on Her Business Experience in JAMS Trial.]