Monday, April 3, 2017

Supremes in LA this week

Image result for yale law schoolThe Cal Supremes are in LA this week hearing cases (Tuesday and Wednesday), which means plenty of social events as they make the rounds. Tomorrow is lunch with the LA County Bar Appellate Courts Section. And for the evening, Justices Liu, Cuellar, and Kruger will be attending a "reception and conversation" at the new federal courthouse with the Yale Law School Alumni of Southern California.

Learn how California Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu keeps his amazing cool, from high school prom to the halls of the House of Representatives, and how switching from studying medicine to philosophy prepared him for a call from Governor Brown. Read the complete interview  in the California Litigation Review

And: The latest issue of California Litigation is now out, featuring Orange County lawyer Yen-Shyang Tseng's article, My First Appellate Argument.

Yep: Articles on self-driving cars and legalized marijuana too!