Friday, April 7, 2017

Sanctions for true double-spacing?!

Image result for typography for lawyersThe ABA Journal reports on the imposition of sanctions for "wrong line spacing in [a] brief," about a $1,048.09 fine ordered by a federal judge in SDNY against a firm that "used 24-point spacing, rather than double spacing, allowing it to exceed the court's 25-page limit."
This seems highly questionable: If the brief was using a 12-point font, then 24-point spacing IS double-spacing. If this order is appealed, typographers should file an amicus brief!

Oh, and the Senate just confirmed Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS.

Also of note: Interruptions of female justices has increased with their representation on SCOTUS, study finds; and back to the important typography stuff: New virtual keypad for lawyers allows insertion of citation phrases and symbols with one click