Monday, April 24, 2017

Kozinski on 60 Minutes

In case you missed Judge Kozinski's appearance on 60 Minutes last night, you can read his comments at Judge Alex Kozinski’s advice for President Trump
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals judge tells 60 Minutes it’s not the judiciary’s job to be a political counterforce, but to protect against abuses
  • Judge Kozinski warns that when any litigant, including Trump, insults a judge it only highlights the weakness of their position.

  • In weighing the travel ban, Judge Kozinski says fellow judges should not hold elected officials like President Trump hostage to what they said while campaigning.

  • Capital punishment should be by guillotine or firing squad, argues Kozinski, who says society sanitizes the brutality of the death penalty with lethal drugs.

  • Alex Kozinski: The 9th Circuit can’t be split, and won’t be split. It’s a terrible idea.