Tuesday, April 18, 2017

AAL Magazine profiles Justice Zelon

"I operate in a collegial setting in which we have the luxury of considering multiple points of view in determining the outcome of an appeal. The breadth of the docket means that I confront new issues all the time, which allows me to learn continuously."
The current issue of Attorney at Law (Downtown L.A. Edition) profiles 2/7's Justice Zelon "to discuss her legal career and her experience after more than 16 years on the bench." When asked about her courtroom style, she responded: "I try to be a respectful and attentive listener, and to ask questions to ensure that I understand the issues in the case as fully as possible. Just as I expect the attorneys to be fully prepared, I prepare as well so that our time together is well spent."

Also of note, 2/3's PJ Edmon will be moderating a Rutter program on Anti-SLAPP Motions at the Universal City Hilton on May 17.

Justice Goodwin Liu recently spoke at an event in Illinois, as reported here in the Daily Illini.