Wednesday, April 26, 2017

4th Circuit joins the 9th Circuit

Here out West, we're used to 9th Circuit livestreaming oral arguments--in every case, not just the big ones. But elsewhere, this is novel. Today, the Fourth Circuit announced that it would--for the first time ever--livestream arguments in its high profile Travel Ban appeal. As the NLJ reports:
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It’s an important move for the Fourth Circuit. The Richmond, Virginia-based court typically posts audio of arguments a day or two after they occur, but has never allowed a live broadcast. The court has been mulling the choice, weighing the technological needs and whether it could have any undue effect on the legal process. 
The decision follows the success of the Ninth Circuit’s livestream of oral arguments in Trump’s first travel ban executive order, which enjoyed an unusually large audience. It also spurred excitement from the legal community.