Monday, March 6, 2017

Appellate odds and ends

This month's Under Submission column in the DJ by PJ Gilbert is titled What does principle have to do with it? and cites B&P Code section 6068, subdivision (h), regarding an attorney's duty "Never to reject, for any consideration personal to himself or herself, the cause of the defenseless or the oppressed." He also notes in a post-script the death of the famous TV judge, Judge Wapner.

The DJ's Moskovitz on Appeals column today (Writs: Part I) cites to PJ Gilbert's famous Omaha Indemnity Co. v. Superior Court, 209 CA3d 1266, to explain why 90% of writ petitions are summarily denied.

See also JAMS Loses Bid to Avoid Trial on Resume-Padding Charges about the lawsuit against JAMS and neutral Sheila Sonenshine (4/3 ret.).

Also available in OC Lawyer, Beds' March 2017 column, Shakespeare's Best Advice: Write if you must, but stay friends with your opponents. (here). And his latest Recorder column is HGTV and Masculinity, in which he proposes an addition to the Penal Code.

Want to see Justice Scalia's papers? They'll be made available at Harvard in 2020. Details here: Scalia's Papers, Including Emails, Donated to Harvard Law School.