Monday, January 30, 2017

DJ profiles 2/8's retired PJ Candace Cooper

The cover profile for last Friday's DJ Verdict & Settlement Reports profiles retired Justice Candace Cooper (who left 2/8's PJ at the end of  2008 for JAMS) in Knack for Settlements: Retired state appellate court justice Candace Cooper is known for her ability to manage people. The article begins like this:
Nearly a decade after leaving the 2nd District Court of Appeal, Candace D. Cooper has established herself as a skilled JAMS neutral with a knack for labor and employment issues, lawyers say.
It's not just the cases she heard while on the bench that attorneys say put her at the top of the crowded ADR field. It's her pioneering experiences as a black woman who became a judge when women and racial minorities rarely did, and the situations she saw firsthand because of that.

Have you ever seen a party try to use a 28(j) letter to present new evidence to the Court of Appeals? Well, of course, that's not allowed, and this opinion here, emphasizes that, with this footnote:
As we have previously stated, “Rule 28(j) permits a party to bring new authorities to the attention of the court; it is not designed to bring new evidence through the back door.” Trans-Sterling, Inc. v. Bible, 804 F.2d 525, 528 (9th Cir. 1986) (emphasis in original).