Wednesday, December 21, 2016

"Losing lawyer's recourse"

That's the 12-Down clue in yesterday's LA Times crossword puzzle. Six letters. Starts with an A, ends in an L...

Image result for lying with statisticsSpeaking of appeals, Law360 offers Federal Appeals Keep Dropping As Few Succeed, Gov't Finds, which reports that according to the latest stats, the number of federal appeals has continued a steady decline and that less than 9% of appeals during 2015 "were successful."
This analysis is far from nuanced, as it includes all appeals (civil, criminal, immigration, etc.)...

Today's DJ reports that 58 of 542 Cal Bar employees (or 10.7%) applied to depart as of the Dec. 16 offer deadline. (See More than 10 percent of State Bar staff apply for buyouts.)

Speaking of the State Bar, check out the Litigation Section's December 2016 issue of Litigation Update.

On the SCOTUS front, offers SCOTUS 2016: Highlights and Lowlights.

Re: the Cal Supremes, note that Prop. 66 (which could cause great disruption to the Cal Court system, especially the appellate system) has been stayed. Details from At the Lectern here.

And don't miss a good war story with a lesson in Gordon Keckeissen's bit in The Recorder, A Samuel Conti Christmas Carol.