Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Judicious Selection article in LAL + 'administriva'

The November issue of Los Angeles Lawyer (here) includes an article (pp. 34-39) co-authored by Kimberly Knill (a Sr. Appellate Attorney at 4/3, and a past JNE Chair; and LASC judge George Bird) titled Judicious Selection about the JNE Commission. (Former 2/1 Research Attorney, now-LASC judge, Frank Menetrez, is Q&A'd on p. 39.)

What's a good way of starting off a complicated 31-page opinion? Well, Beds' does it like this today: "We embark here upon an admittedly lengthy voyage – slow going because we must proceed carefully in largely uncharted waters." Pure poetry, right?
Well, it gets better (of course). Footnote 2 starts out like this:
Image result for portmanteau wordSo that readers can have one place – this footnote – to check for the administrivia of party names and acronyms, we engage first in what poet Henry Reed would call “Naming of Parts.” There are four sets of defendants listed in the caption of the complaint: [etc.]
Gotta love that classic from the 1930's, "administriva," a delightful portmanteau word that deserves wider usage!