Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sneak peak into a writs conference...

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Bed's latest column The Great Laguna Niguel Landslide Writ, begins: "I was an appellate lawyer for most of my career. I petitioned for more writs than I care to remember. With results probably indistinguishable from your own."
And continues: "I would have given a lot then to have been a fly on the wall and actually learned what went on in those writ conferences. I always pictured them as three judges, a rubber stamp, a few sandwiches and a lot of beer."
And then he provides a writ conference transcription of sorts...

Also of note -- the opening line to this case here: "This suit involves garbage and, more specifically, statements about garbage."

Last week's DJ included its Top Boutiques in California 2016 insert, which profiled one appellate shop: the California Appellate Law Group LLP, a 10-attorney (soon to be 11) appellate boutique. This outfit contributes the Appellate Zealots column in the DJ, and this week's was by Charles Kagay about the Supreme Court's latest anti-SLAPP opinion, City of Montebello v. Vasquez.