Tuesday, October 4, 2016

DJ Roundup

Today's DJ's cover story is Justice Liu Hails Dissents as Integral to System of Justice. The DJ calls him the "supreme Court's most outspoken liberal voice" and "arguably the court's most influential dissenter in recent years."

Also in today's DJ, Justice Gilbert's Under Submission column, titled The Next Train, he describes discussing Palsgraf with some law students. "What are scales?" they ask. "Why would anyone want to weigh anything at a train station?" He also weighs in on the Supreme Court's new policy in publishing dissentals from denials of petitions for review, which he finds "unnerving."

And J.P. Jassy presents Free Speech at the US High Court.

The DJ's Weekly Appellate Friday Podcast: "previews prominent battles before the U.S. Supreme Court this term: Justice Margaret Grignon (Ret.) (Grignon Law Firm), John Querio and Jeremy Rosen (Horvitz & Levy), and Rex Heinke (Akin Gump) discuss the lingering vacancy, housing discrimination, church and state separation, copyright, and regulatory takings as SCOTUS hears its first arguments."