Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More on Court Reporters

The current issue of Verdict magazine (vol. 2, 2016) has an article by GMSR's Alana Rotter titled No Reporter's Transcript? Here's What it Means for Your Appeal, starting on page 15. The article begins: "Failing to designate an adequate reporter's transcript is one of the surest ways an appellant can doom its appeal ...." Although a "reporter's transcript is not always critical to an appeal" (e.g., "where an appeal presents a purely legal issue subject to de novo review") "proceeding without a reporter's transcript can be risky." The article goes on to discuss agreed statements and settled statements.

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Who remembers The Pajama Game?!
And today's DJ reports Governor Vetoes Bill to Increase Fees for Transcripts: "The bill, AB 2629, called for the price of original transcripts to rise from their current 85 cents per 100 words to 93 cents per 100 words. Additional copies would have gone up from 15 cents per 100 words to 16 cents per 100 words."