Tuesday, September 6, 2016

DJ writing articles

Today's DJ features a trio of articles on writing:

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  • Jeff Fisher and Shawn Johnson of Dechert offer We Must Break Free of Writing Like, Well, Lawyers, which suggests four ways of "guiding readers" as means of improving clarity: 1. A Strong Introduction Sets the Stage; 2. Informative Section Headings Guide the Way; 3. Topic Sentences Prepare the Reader; and 4. Bullet points and Numbered Lists Aid Memory.
  • Next, the Moskovitz on Appeals column presents Your Reply Brief Should Reply, Not Repeat, which argues that "Your reply brief might turn out to be the most important vehicle for influencing an appellate court." "A few judges think the reply brief is so important that they read it first."
  • Finally, Justice Gilbert's Under Submission column presents Shorter, Better, Clearer, Stronger, in which he states he is a strong -- nay, obsessive -- "proponent, advocate, and champion for short opinions."