Wednesday, September 21, 2016

CAL's "Appellate Issues" Now Online

Image result for aba council of appellate lawyersClick here for the Summer Edition (Sept. 2016) of Appellate Issues, the publication of the ABA's Council of Appellate Lawyers.

Please Stop Strangling the Constitution
By David J. Perlman

Preserving the Judiciary’s Legitimacy in an Increasingly Polarized America
By Nolan B. Tully and Vishal H. Shah

Editor’s Note
By David J. Perlman

Judge Garland, the Rule of Law, and the Elephant in the Room
By Conor Dugan

Voted Most Likely to be the Subject of Proposed Constitutional Amendments: The Electoral College
By Nancy M. Olson

The Riddle of Judicial Review
By Travis Ramey

To Change for the Better: a Primer
By Wendy McGuire Coates

Does the First Amendment Protect Elected Officials When They Speak in Connection with their
Official Duties?
By Ellie Neiberger

Judicial Review and Five Million Acres: an Appellate Tale
By Steve Emmert