Tuesday, July 5, 2016

PJ Gilbert channels Abbott & Costello via Kipling

Today's DJ features PJ Gilbert's Under Submission column titled Flying Fish Don't Play. That's the Who, What, When and Where. As for How and Why, Who knows?

And today's Moskovitz On Appeals column, titled Appellate Court Judicial Research Staff Attorney, returns to the question, 'what should we call the professional attorneys who work for California appellate justices?' And then turns to the question, how can a writer make appellate staff attorneys (whatever they're called) happy?
1. Be honest about the record and the law.
2. Raise only the most promising issues and think them through.
3. Neatness counts.
4. Edit, edit and re-edit for conciseness and clarity.
5. Show the justice of your cause and the injustice of ruling against you.