Monday, July 18, 2016

Clairvoyance helps prepare for oral argument

Today's Moskovitz on Appeals DJ-column is Successful Oral Arguments Require a Little Clairvoyance, about how preparing for oral argument involves prognosticating what's headed your way when you assume the lectern. Retired PJ Ardaiz says "Appellate judges hate it when you stand and read your brief. They may be polite and simply sit there or they will be abrupt but they won'e be listening." The bottom line: Anticipate questions and prepare answers that persuade in your favor.
Image result for mike farrell as john trapper
Image result for mike farrell as john trapperAnd here's a case, intriguing because it involves one John Trapper and someone named Farrell. M*A*S*H fans will make the connection.

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