Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Taking the 5th: Like father, like son

Today's DJ profiles Justice Donald Franson Jr. in Justice Donald Franson is establishing himself on the 5th District bench where his father sat.
Image result for justice fransonThe reputation of Justice Donald Franson Jr.'s father looms large over the 5th District Court of  appeal. The late Justice Donald Franson Sr., former presiding judge of the court, remains a legendary figure among the Fresno legal community. When Franson Jr. became a justice of the same court, he was sworn in before a copper bust of his father that is mounted in the courthouse. "I can't believe I'm here. I kind of wish I could tell my dad I got here," Franson said. "He never said anything, but I think he was hopeful [I would]. I think he thought, you know, what a good gig, and to do it on my own and get there. ... I guess he was right."
"Those familiar with Franson's work on the bench described him as well-versed in the law, engaged during oral argument, and perpetually courteous, in and out of court.