Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lots of appellate reading today...

Today's DJ begins with High Court Shifts on Depublishing, about next month's new rule that ends 110 years of automatic depublication when the Supremes grant review. Is this the tip of the iceberg?

Next, Jimmy Azadian of Enterprise Counsel Goup and summer associate Kyser Blakely present Several Blockbuster Cases Remain on the Docket This Term with predictions of the outcomes in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt, U.S. v. Texas, Fisher v. UT, and Taylor v. U.S.

Then, Paul Fogel and Kasey Curtis of Reed Smith offer Less Will Become More Come December in the 9th Circuit about FRAP changes taking effect December 1, including the reduction in word limits for briefs, the addition of word limits for non-briefs, amicus briefs in connection with rehearing petitions, abolition of the automatic 3-day extension for e-service, and the requirement of certificates of compliance for non-briefs.

Image result for donkey in courtAnd the start of a new month, means another installment from Beds: The OCBA has posted his June 2016 piece, Allegorical Asses.

Myron Moskovitz presents Pet Peeves of an Appellate Lawyer, in The Recorder.

And don't miss Food Court: Justices Dish on Supreme Court's Culinary Traditions in the NLJ.

Want to see some PJs go back to school? Click here to see various Presiding Justices, and the Chief, visiting schools around the state to present Civic Learning Awards.