Monday, June 27, 2016

Gilbert on Verdi and Strepponi

Today's DJ reports on LACBA's Outstanding Jurist Award presented to PJ Gilbert last week in LACBA installs new officers, honors Gilbert, Kuehl; Margaret Stevens takes the reins after tough year. The article does not mention how, when accepting his award in the music center, he delighted the crowd with Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 'bathroom jokes,' and then cruelly teased the audience by (following his wife's advice and) refusing to read a poem he had written about Verdi and Guiseppina Strepponi. If you ducked out of the event before the midnight after-party, then you left unsatisfyingly tantalized about the poem. Suffer no longer! For your edification and amusement...

Verdi by Giovanni Boldini.jpgGuiseppina Strepponi
Loved Verdi and spumoni, 
Was his lover, not a crony, 
His muse, his rigatoni,

She, Verdi's love, his love only, 
A love that's true, not phony,
They an island, not Coney
They, ham and cheese, not baloney.