Friday, June 3, 2016

Get that RT!

Today's DJ includes Don't Gamble with the Right to Appeal by appellate attorneys by Ilana Herscovitz and Anne Grignon, who explain:
Image result for reporter's transcriptas recently highlighted in Elena S. v. Kroutik, 2016 DJDAR 4678 (May 18, 2016), appellants must designate the transcript on appeal whenever resolution of the appeal turns on what occurred before the trial court. Appellants who "gamble on a successful outcome" and then appeal from an unsuccessful ruling without a reporter's transcript cannot carry the burden of establishing error. 
And see today's MetNews for Mallano Denounces CJA-Brown Administration Accord
Says Interest on Judgment for Back Pay for Judges, in Class Action He Headed, Would Be Slashed From 10 Percent to About .5 Percent, If Lawmakers Adopt Proposed Measure

And from the ABA Journal:Chemerinsky: These two decisions highlight how Scalia's absence has affected the court

These two justices are the most interrupted in oral arguments; is a gender dynamic at play?