Thursday, June 30, 2016

DJ tidbits

Today's DJ features Jimmy Azadian and Kyser Blakely in Supreme Court Round-up about the final decisions of OT2015, i.e., Whole Woman's Health, Fisher, Taylor, etc.
Also on the front page is a big photo of 4/1's Justice Aaron re: 4th District Panel Reverses Two Murder Convictions.

Note also that PJ Gilbert will be this week's guest on the Champions of Justice radio show (e.g., KABC 790, Sat. at 11 a.m. and Sun. at 10 p.m.) (see the usual DJ ad at p. 2).

And in last week's DJ (6/23) LASC Judge Waddington (ret.) presented 9th Circuit hanging on as the most reversed circuit court.

Want to see an opinion that has two PJ's on it? Check out this one here in which the PJ of Div. 8 is joined by the PJ of Div. 7. And speaking of PJ's click here to see a SoCal PJ as (victorious) defendant/respondent.