Friday, May 20, 2016

You know, that place where books live...?

Today's DJ has a great letter to the editor from Bret Christensen of the Riverside County Law Library responding to the May 18 article Bar proposes revised practice skills requirements:
Image result for what's a library
The article did not say what skills on which the State Bar wants new attorneys to focus, so might I offer a suggestion? I propose that in this 10-hour mix of "new attorney training" that the bar is proposing, law students spend at least three hours at their local county law library to see what exactly their local county law library has to offer. 

Image result for what's a libraryAll too often I'll see newly minted attorneys come into my law library with nary a clue how to find anything in print. In fact, because many new students are, sadly, never introduced or encouraged to use print resources, when they get out of law school and pass the bar, I hear the same thing over and over: "I never knew this existed!" Since they've spent countless hours using online resources but hardly any print resources, they often can't even distinguish between a table of contents and an index. And students who use online resources exclusively generally only know how to use natural language searching - which only taps about 15 percent of the full potential of online resources.