Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Talk about an aversion to numbers!

Image result for section and paragraph symbolsHow Appealing notes some very weird footnotes in a 10th Circuit opinion here. Did someone just discover wingdings?

Image result for facebook behind barsToday's DJ features Justice Hoffstadt's article, Where does the right to obtain evidence prior to trial fall? about how "the California Supreme Court is in the midst of deciding whether to change the value of a criminal defendant's right to obtaining privileged evidence prior to trial" in Facebook Inc. v. Superior Court, S230051.

How not to behave at oral argument, here:
{Fn.2} [Pro per appellant] requested oral argument in this case and appeared in the courtroom. He refused to identify himself by name and properly state his appearance, despite our multiple requests that he do so. We deemed his case submitted on the briefs.
And how were the briefs? "His opening brief is rambling and disorganized, to the point where it is difficult to understand his arguments."