Friday, April 8, 2016

DJ profiles Elwood Lui

Photo of E. LuiDivision One: Justice Elwood Lui Today's DJ profiles Justice Elwood Lui, the once and future justice (now in 2/1), in Happy Homecoming: The 2nd District Court of Appeal Welcomed the Return of Elwood Lui to the Bench After 28 Years. The profile begins by calling his return to the Court of Appeal "less of a promotion and more of a homecoming," noting how he previously served as a justice (in Division 3) from 1981 to 1987.

Current Justice page here.
Former Justice page here.

Also in today's DJ is an excerpt from Nina Tassler's What I Told My Daughter: Lessons From Leaders on Raising the Next Generation of Empowered Women, by Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye contributed a chapter to the book titled The Rules. "Moms and judges have a lot in common." "Use the rules to your advantage; don't waste opportunities." "Ignore the rules of the common career trajectory. Work hard. Maintain a good attitude. Serve the public".

With unification of the muni and superior courts, we no longer have counties with only one superior court judge. But What about the one-judge-court deadline in CCP 170.6, subd. (a)(2)? Is it irrelevant, or should it apply to branches of a superior court where there is only one judge? The 3d District, encompassing many small counties, provides an answer here. (See here.)
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