Wednesday, March 16, 2016

TrueFiling is coming to the 4th and 2d....

Two years ago tomorrow, the 1st DCA began using TrueFiling. The 5th, 3d, and 6th Districts implemented TrueFiling over the next couple years.
At yesterday's LACBA ACS program on e-filing, 2d DCA Clerk of Court Joseph Lane stated that TrueFiling will be coming the 2d District sometime later this year (possibly as early as September, but more likely November). As noted on the 4th District's website, TrueFiling will begin at 4/1 on April 4, with the other 4th DCA divisions to follow shortly thereafter. Once all the Courts of Appeal are successfully up and running on TrueFiling, the Supreme Court will likely follow suit.
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TrueFiling Timeline
March 2014 - 1st DCA
Feb. 2015 - 5th DCA
Sept. 2015 - 3d DCA
Jan. 2016 - 6th DCA
April 2016 -- 4th DCA (just around the corner!)
Later this year! -- 2d DCA

Also, at today's LACBA Bench Meets the Bar Lunch, APJ Kuhl reported that e-filing will be coming to LASC (civil) sometime next year. Her message to the bar: "Be patient and be positive." She also reported that the court saved $18M by eliminating court reporters in civil matters. (Appellate personages of note at the event included Justices Epstein, Bigelow, Hoffstadt and Collins; and Judge Kozinski.)