Thursday, March 24, 2016

Beds' New Book noted on How Appealing

How Appealing posts today about Beds' newest book, "Lawyers, Gubs and Monkeys -- Laughing at the Law." The post references Beds' June 2004 How Appealing interview (see this link). How Appealing also notes:
For as long as anyone can remember, Bedsworth has written a very clever law-related humor column titled "A Criminal Waste of Space." ...  more recent installments of Justice Bedsworth's column have found a new home at the OC Lawyer web site ....  if you like his stuff as much as I do, just buy his book (here or here), and you'll be able to carry around for your reading enjoyment ....
Image result for warren zevon
Plainly not Beds; but obviously the inspiration for his title .