Thursday, March 31, 2016

A 3d former appellate lawyer profiled + J. Liu shakes things up

Today the DJ profiles Judge Joe Quinn of San Francisco's Superior Court. Why is that so notable? Well, this is the third former appellate lawyer profiled this week! Judge Quinn's connections to the appellate world run deep: He's married to Justice Humes, PJ of 1/1. The DJ profile notes that "Quinn and Humes are believed to be the first male couple to concurrently serve as judges in California."

Also in the DJ: Retired 9th Circuit Judge Shirley Hufstedler Remembered as Pioneer:
"She broke the glass ceiling. ... She was the first in so many categories," said retired 2nd District Court of Appeal Justice Miriam A. Vogel.

"Her legacy as a role model may be particularly for women in law, but it's really much beyond that. She was faithful to the law but she was also compassionate," [said Justice Dennis Perluss].
See Ninth Circuit Remembers Shirley M. Hufstedler: Court's first women judge dies at age 90.

And see in the MetNews: Hufstedler, Ex-Cabinet Member, Ninth Circuit Judge Dies at 90; and Justice Richard Mosk to Retire From Court of Appeal.

Also of interest, today's LA Times has a front page story titled How Justice Goodwin Liu is shaking up the California Supreme Court.

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