Monday, March 14, 2016

9th Cir. to hear cases in OC on 3/15

Map of ronald reagan federal buildingImage result for ronald reagan courthouse orange countyThe Ninth Circuit regularly hears cases in San Francisco, Pasadena, Seattle, Portland, ... you know the typical and not-so-typical places (Alaska and Hawaii!). Tomorrow afternoon a panel (Fisher, M. Smith, and Owens) will be hearing three cases in Courtroom 10A of the Ronald Reagan Federal Building in Santa Ana. The calendar notice is here. So if you're in Orange County, swing by and watch... Oh wait, you never need to do that! All arguments are streamed live and archived (hint, hint, California Court system...). But still, it's something different, so if you're in OC, go see the show. It's just across the street from 4/3.