Monday, February 1, 2016

Justice Gilbert's potty mouth, etc.

The DJ reports that "Both of California's senators have come out against a proposal by Arizona politicians to break apart the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals by moving Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Alaska into a new circuit court." See New Plan to Split 9th Circuit Stirs Opposition.
See in the Recorder Arizona Revives Long-Failed Push to Split the Ninth Circuit

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And today's DJ also features Justice Gilbert's column, Do I Dare to Eat a Peach? in which numerous judges, justices, and practitioners respond to his question law month about printing profanity: The outcome? Overwhelmingly in favor of printing curse words accurately.

Finally, today's DJ reports Law Professor Wins in High Court, about Whittier Law School prof Radha Pathak, who won a 8 to 1 victory in a pro bono ERISA case.

Also of note re SCOTUS: Future Unclear for 'Oyez,' Source for Supreme Court Audio History

The NLJ presents Lessons from Lincoln in the Art of Persuasion by Connecticut appellate judge Douglas Lavine.

Law360 reports Disbarred IP Atty Sanctioned For 'Incomprehensible' Appeal about this unpub'd case here, which notes:
“Any reasonable person reading the invective-filled briefs filed by appellant, including the provocative and hyperbolic prose he uses, would conclude that the purpose of this appeal is simply to harass respondents, causing them as much discomfiture as possible by the unrelenting prosecution of plainly meritless litigation against them,”
(Sanctions were $6K payable to the court.)
See also, this case here, where sanctions of $9K were awarded.

The California Bar eJournal has Alliances Shift on Newly Reshaped CA Supreme Court (also titled Shifting alliances tally up to more unpredictable CA Supreme Court)