Tuesday, February 16, 2016

J. Duarte gets punny

A published opinion today, here, from the 3d begins:
Image result for prunes and plumsPrunes are harvested from trees and must be dried to be marketed. Two administrative rules set forth different overtime pay rates for agricultural workers who harvest fruit and for those who process fruit for market; generally speaking, the latter receive more generous overtime pay. This case plumbs the line dividing the workers subject to each respective rule, as applicable to the agricultural practices described herein.
Obviously, using the world "plumbs" here is meant to be amusing.
With Justice Scalia gone, appellate humor may have taken a downward spiral... plummeted...

Image result for RidiculeVoltaire (?): Puns are the lowest form of wit.
Dryden: Puns are the "lowest and most groveling kind of wit."
Bierce: Puns are a "form of wit to which wise men stoop and fools aspire."
Oscar Levant: “A pun is the lowest form of humor—when you don't think of it first.”

Also today, a published case (here) where 4/3 writes: "we reluctantly affirm."