Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Boren bores in -- sanctions lawyer for frivolous appeal

Only a few days into the new year and we've got an award of appellate sanctions of 5K for a frivolous appeal against an attorney acting in pro per also noting "bizarre conduct." See here:
We have no difficulty concluding that this appeal is totally and completely without merit. The trial court found no evidence in appellant’s motion to support disqualification. On appeal, Ms. [X] has doubled down on a bad bet by failing to present this Court with either the motion to disqualify or the opposition to it, thereby insuring that there would be no evidence on which to even review the trial court’s ruling.[fn 2] Apart from submitting an inadequate appendix to this Court, Ms. [X]’s brief is incoherent, replete with vindictiveness rather than legal reasoning.

Ms. [X]’s conduct falls far short of the professionalism expected of a lawyer. She has lost sight of her responsibilities as an officer of the court while waging a vendetta against her former husband and his family, wasting judicial resources in the process. On its own motion, the Court imposes sanctions of $5,000 against Ms. [X] to discourage like conduct in the future.
[See in the 1/7/16 MetNews: C.A. Imposes $5,000 Sanction on Pro Per Attorney, which includes a photo of the attorney; and see the 1/8/16 DJ for North Hollywood lawyer blasted by appellate court in sanctions ruling]

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