Wednesday, December 9, 2015

More names for 2d DCA + terminating sanctions for depo misconduct

Yesterday's MetNews reports Feuer and Egerton Under Consideration for [Court of Appeal], noting that there are currently 3 vacancies in the 2d District and LASC Judges Gail Feuer and Ann Egerton and under consideration for appointment. The article concludes:
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The MetNews has previously reported that the names of Los Angeles attorneys Kent Richland and Bradley Phillips; Ventura Superior Court Judge Tari Cody; Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Rita Miller, Richard Rico, Helen Bendix, Ann Jones, and Sanjay Kumar; and Southwestern Law School professor Christopher Cameron have been sent to the Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation as possible appointees to the Court of Appeal.
Also of note is a December 4 BNA article titled 'Troublemaker' Kozinski Unafraid to Advocate for Change.

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Why choose?
You think YOU have problems with opposing counsel? Check out this opinion from 2/6 (APJ Gilbert) here:
Here the practice of law became more than stressful; it was dangerous. An attorney representing himself threatened defendants' counsel with pepper spray and a stun gun at a deposition. When defendants moved for terminating sanctions, plaintiff filed an opposition that was openly contemptuous of the trial court. Such conduct can have consequences.