Monday, September 21, 2015

Klatchko moves to Lewis Brisbois + Movie Night at the 9th

Appellate specialist Kira Klatchko has left Best, Best & Krieger after a decade to join Lewis Brisbois (in their Indian Wells office), where she will be vice chair of the firm's national appellate practice group. This 2014 article here noted that she was the only certified appellate specialist in Riverside County, but she has apparently since been joined by Matt Reilly in the Riverside DA's office.

Visas and Virtue (1997) PosterThe next KFF Kozinski's Favorite Flicks) will be October 6 and the movies are: Visas and Virtue (directed by Chris Tashima), which on the 1997 Oscar for best live-action short film, and Under the Blood Red Sun.

Also of interest from the NLJ: What's In a Word? Maybe Clout, In Veteran Advocates' Briefs: A new study compares briefs and opinions to measure lawyer, law firm influence. In other words, "the language in their briefs appears more often in high court opinions."

Robert Long, head of the Supreme Court and appellate practice group at Covington & Burling, said: "This is an interesting approach that I haven't seen before. Of course, a basic measure of success is whether your client wins the case. But when language from your brief makes it into the court's opinion, you have a good indication that the court found your argument persuasive. We are pleased to have done well by that measure."