Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Goodman profiled in DJ / Beds on his new name / Gilbert Remembers

In PJ And Playboy, Beds discloses the history of his evil twin PJ, as well as states:
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One is PJ, the other's just Jay.
Bedsworth’s First Law of Public Relations, which I reproduce here in a futile attempt to make the time you’ve spent reading this column something other than a total loss. It says, “Only two things can happen when your name’s in the newspaper: Either you look bad, in which case you look bad; or you look good, in which case your boss wants to know why you’re getting all the credit.”
Also in The Recorder today, Chief Justice Dips Toe in Bar Bill Talks.

Over in the DJ, PJ Gilbert presents As Time Goes By, reminiscing about how yesterday was the 40th anniversary of being sworn in as a judge of the LA Muni Court by Justice Stanley Mosk [photo of the event in the DJ's print version at pg. 7] (along with Elwood Lui). He notes that Leondra Kruger had not yet been born, and he concludes:
It has been a privilege to serve on the court for the past 40 years. I suppose the years went by so quickly because I found the work so fulfilling. A famous judge once said that if a judge is never reversed, he or she isn't doing a good job.
I plan to stick around a few more years where I am sure to find errors made by trial judges, and to make more of my own. And about reversals... to make sure I am doing a good job... bring them on. 
Also today the DJ profiles "Judge Allan Goodman, praised for his dedication and keen mind, keeps working on assignment [with Division 2, 3, and 5]." The article quotes Presiding Justice Paul A. Turner as saying it is a "factual finding of the court" that "Goodman is one of the best judges in the Court of Appeal."

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Judge Goodman apparently works only six days a week...
Speaking of Pro Tems, Judge Moor's stint with Div. 1 has been extended through October:
  • Judge Carl H. Moor of the Los Angeles Superior Court, will be sitting Pro-Tem in Division One until October 31, 2015
The MetNews's End of the Month feature for August 31, notes that there are no vacancies at the Ninth Circuit and discusses the Second DCA as follows:
There are vacancies in Div. Seven, due to the March 31 retirement of Justice Fred Woods, and Div. Six, from which Justice Paul Coffee retired Jan. 31, 2012. Another vacancy will occur in Div. Three due to the imminent retirement of Justice Patti S. Kitching. Among those whose names have been sent to the Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation as possible appointees to the court are Los Angeles attorneys Kent Richland and Bradley Phillips; Ventura Superior Court Judge Tari Cody; Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Rita Miller, Richard Rico, Helen Bendix, Ann Jones, and Sanjay Kumar; and Southwestern Law School professor Christopher Cameron. The name of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Russell Kussman was also sent to the JNE Commission, but Kussman has withdrawn from consideration. The following Los Angeles Superior Court judges have been temporarily assigned to the court: Jones to Div. Three through October, Richard H. Kirschner to Div. Five through September, Mitchell L. Beckloff to Div. Seven through September, and Sam Ohta to Div. Eight through October